Headquartered in Edinburgh, Portland has a portfolio of five hotels across Scotland’s major cities and is currently structured as a Management Company providing services on an arm’s length basis to those properties, all currently owned by the group

Founded in 2001, we have a track record of turning round under performing hotels

Portland employs around 300 staff and whilst pragmatic and grounded, remains ambitious to grow

All resources and systems have been designed with scalability in mind

Success Stories

Three years ago we made the decision to de brand our properties, and by the end of 2012 this exercise was complted. The decision was taken with a degree of trepidation, particularly in light of the prevailing economic climate, however we had confidence in our own abilities to manage this transformation. This proved to be the correct strategy to adopt for our Company, and it has freed our potential to develop our business in directions that offer maximum benefit for us, rather than for a brand

As a consequence of which, we now have invaluable experience to offer clients who are considering such a change, but who are hesitant for a variety of reasons. We offer the answers and the solutions – because we have done it ourselves and can directly work with the client rather than as “arm’s length consultants “ who are self proclaimed experts, rather than as time served operators!